Staging Your Home and Selling Your Home

Staging Your Home to Sell!

With the popularity of new furnishing and accessory stores, consumers became adept at decorating their homes to emulate the glossy home magazines. This puts the onus on home sellers to create the cleanest, most attractive space possible to appeal to the most buyers that you can in a tough economy.

That's why it is important to place yourself in a buyer's head. You may even have a friend help you with this. Walk through your home and consider eliminating ANYTHING THAT IS NOT NECESSARY to make your rooms look great and livable. Let me clarify this idea... your toothbrush in a cup on the counter is NOT NECESSARY to show your buyer the countertop and space. Ten photographs on a shelf do not add to the decorating; though they might give you joy. Remember we are trying to impress someone else. Personal touches that reveal your taste and hobbies and family do not attract buyers, rather they remind buyers that it is YOUR house. We want the buyers to picture themselves and their own furnishings in the home.

Even if the buyer is not a neat housekeeper, most cannot imagine living in someone else's mess. Buyers, when faced with a plethora of available real estate, will often choose a home that has been decluttered and smells fresh and clean. Ask that same friend of yours to be honest with you about any smells they can detect, any dirt that needs to be cleaned, or anything that turns them off. Windows need to sparkle, all surfaces should be clear except for just a plant or one decorative item, and your refrigerator needs to be clear of any magnets. Think "shiny and clean surfaces" in every room.

Begin to pack up bookcases and closets - again offering clean surfaces and space. Clearly mark the boxes and store away - knowing you are making progress towards your move. Consider removing bookcases once you have emptied them - most do not add to the beauty of your rooms.

  • Pack up anything you don't need for six months, both furnishings and objects on surfaces as well as things in your closets.
  • Remove personal photos on walls. Have only one piece of artwork or a mirror on a wall.
  • Remove small area rugs and make your space appear larger
  • Clean, clean, clean - carpets and all surfaces in your home.
  • Consider removing furniture. Try taking pieces from a room and see if it improves the appearance and space.

The exterior of your home is also of major importance. Buyers turned off by your exterior will not even come inside your home to see the rest of your house.

  • Does your door need a new paint job? Consider a nice rich complementing color.
  • Is your lawn neatly mowed and edged?
  • Is the pathway or sidewalk to your home clean? Does it need pressure-washing?
  • Does your entry light fixture look nice and not outdated? Consider replacing it.
  • Is your mailbox neat and attractive?
  • Are your windows clean and sparkling? I remove my screens because I love the additional sunlight. Be sure to pack them away safely so you can assure a home buyer that you have screens for your windows.

If you can spend some time taking care of these details, and even some money to paint and make some small changes, you will find your home sells more quickly and for more money.

Selling your home in a market with tons of competition can be done with some strategy.