Six Element Approach To Home Selling

According to Home Staging Diva Debra Gould, six basic elements are necessary for the successful design, appeal and sale of any home. Creator and President of Six Elements, Inc., a Toronto-based company that caters to homeowners and real estate agents across Canada, the United States and abroad, Gould claims that using such elements are vital to the sale of any home, any where, and at any time.

Gould's business has grown into a real estate niche called 'House Fluffing' or 'Home Staging', which at its most basic definition, means decorating a house to sell quickly and for top dollar. Following her guidelines, Gould has helped clients sell homes in a matter of days after allowing her team of experts to transform their homes from blase' to exquisite.

The six elements that Gould swears by; energy, form, style, design, color, and passion, have stood her in good stead as she built her own Home Staging Business from scratch to what it is today. Profiled on numerous television stations and admired magazines both in Canada and the U.S., the Staging Diva has been credited with nearly single-handedly creating one of the most popular home business start-ups of the 21st century.

Regarding her six elements approach, Gould believes that one without the other just doesn't work. Gould's expertise and experience in both the home decorating and real estate fields helps to make any home work better for clients interested in placing their properties on the market. Her processes may seem simple taken one at a time. However, the process is not to be considered typical. "We don't believe in homes looking 'decorator done'," says Gould. "I refer to myself as the decorator for people who would never hire decorators."

Gould focuses on items homeowners already own, and offers shoestring budget methods to improve and enhance rooms or entire homes for greater selling appeal. Her use of colors to create a cohesive design overall or patterns to create custom designs and looks are just one of the ways the Home Staging Diva has become so popular in Canada and America. Clients from around the world are now taking advantage of Gould's expertise and experience. "Patterns and color can completely transform a room," Gould says. However, many people are hesitant to experiment with colors and patterns, but that's where Debra Gould's eye for design offers clients more than they bargained for.

"We often use what you already have in new ways," Gould assures clients. Clients of the Staging Diva don't need to be rich to afford her services. As a matter of fact, Gould's Six Elements team of experts typically save homeowners thousands of dollars in needless renovations or remodeling costs through her simple approach to use color, style, design and her passion and gift for pleasing arrangements to bring out the best in even the worst case scenarios.