Curb Appeal - Improve Home Sale Price with Perceived Value

What you see is what you get? Remember those old sing song rhymes we sang as we danced our way to second grade? The fact is, when you sell your home, the appearance offers a perceived value to the buyer and you sell for more cash. With all other factors being alike, if your home is perceived as better cared for the value increases, dramatically. This is good for you, the seller.

Imagine the facade of your home welcoming in the new owner in luxury. A bright door decorated with ornamental brass, leaded glass, sparkling clean, and a potted plant on the stoop would freshen up most entries. The home appears loved and appreciated by the current owners and a new owner perceives the obvious pride of ownership. The increase in value is cash in the bank. The cost, a little elbow grease, some time, and maybe a few dollars.

The house prior to yours had peeling paint, a run down sidewalk with grass and weeds growing in the cracks, but your home has green grass, well trimmed, shimmering windows, and shines like a new penny. Do you suppose the buyer will prefer your home over the previous home? Do you suppose, all things considered equal, they might pay more for your prized home? Do you suppose your home might sell faster than the house next door?

Consider the house needing work is priced at market value. How much more could you ask for your nicer, more cared for home? Perhaps 15 to 20%?

Curb appeal sells more than 49% of all homes. If your home shines, sparkles, and dances in the sunlight, don't you suppose the buyers will take a second look? You can obtain higher purchase price, and offer more value simply by caring for your home, keeping it up, and adding curb appeal prior to the show dates.

Take a moment before the show date and add some flowers to the front yard, trim the grass, edge your lawn and shrubs, wash down the front of the house, and make it shine. Then show it at a higher asking price and see what happens.

Sparkle and shine sell!