Home Staging is More Than Just a Pretty Face

Gone are the days when homeowners were able to rely heavily on the expertise of their real estate agent to sell their homes. It is essential for homeowners to be more involved than ever and applying the typical "home staging" strategies are just not enough. Preparing a house for sale once meant decluttering, painting walls neutral, and burning a candle or baking cookies prior to a showing, but home staging has evolved into a marketing tool, effectively making it essential as hiring the right real estate agent.

What's made the biggest difference between selling a home today verses only 20 years ago, is that properties are not just homes anymore they are products to be sold in the open market. A traditional investment has become an opportunity to make more money, essentially changing the way properties have to be marketed.

Home Staging applies various strategies to increase the value of the property and its chance of selling faster than any other in the marketplace. It has become a marketing tool.  Three very important strategies are: applying what the marketplace is demanding, such as décor trends and home improvement updates; discovering the property's identity to apply target marketing strategies and applying proven effective furniture arrangement and interior decorating approaches to ensure potential home buyer's feel at home, allowing them to imagine their own belongings in the space.

Ideally, you will need to give yourself at least six months to implement these strategies and your product (property) will be ready to meet today's market expectations and to be marketed by a real estate professional.