Predicting a Slow Recovery of Real Estate Market in 2011

Compared with the trends in housing market in 2009 and 2010, the Calgary Real Estate Board is expecting an improvement in the market even though at a slow pace. The press release states that there will be an increase by 20% in the sales of single family house in the market. This will be good news for the potential sellers who are planning for a deal and also to those who are not able to finish out the deal in and around Calgary. The expanding energy sector in the area is the reason for the boom in employment opportunities, inviting more and more in-migration into the both metropolitan areas and towns. The in-migration will be the key to market recovery, producing stable jobs.

The forecast says that people will opt for owned single homes and condos over rented one in the going year in the downtown areas and outskirts of the town. The affordability and low interest rate eventually gets the buyers to go for a larger selection of homes.

If you are planning to sell your home expecting a better return, make sure about certain things your house should possess. The buyers market will look for well-maintained homes with all amenities and seasoned comforts. Do you know that most of the home buyers decides whether or not to look the inside of a house just by seeing the exterior of your house? The impression they get just by the look of the exterior of a home implies a lot in their decision to take the deal seriously. So you have to make sure that you have left no choice except driving the buyers to come inside and spend time in seeing your house.

So, the Calgary home renovations work should start from the exteriors. Change the landscaping of your garden either by including features or removing things avoiding every slightest chance from hampering the fine view. You can have an energy efficiency lamp with low voltage near the driveway gates, which can give soothing appeal to the sidewalk and landscaping in the night. A decorative street lamp on the front porch will have a luring effect all over the premise giving an appeal to the front doors, windows and garage as well. Color schemes on the wall can gain you many admirers too.

You can also go for the Calgary home renovations done by yourself, which can help you in gain some money back in your pocket. If the driveway gates looks like they need enhancement go for it. Repair the fences guarding your yards, and make sure that the surroundings of your house should be neat and tidy in dawn and dusk. With these points in mind and completing your Calgary home renovation work, you can display your renovated home amidst the eager homebuyers for selling with an attractive price tag.