Engineered Wood Floors - A Home Improvement Upgrade That Pays Off

Conversations with real estate agents and prospective buyers demonstrate that an engineered wood floor is one of the home improvements that is the most likely to pay off when it comes time to sell your home. A national survey conducted in 2006 by the National Wood Flooring Association with real estate agents across the country disclosed that:

  • 99% of agents agree that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell
  • 82% agree that homes with hardwood floors sell faster
  • 90% agree that homes with hardwood floors sell for more money

Easier to sell. Faster to sell. Sell for more money. These are pretty compelling reasons to upgrade to hardwood floors if selling your house in the near future is important to you. How much more important is it to make your house instantly appealing to the aesthetic of buyers when the housing market is extremely competitive, as it is now? Take a tour through the models of any new housing development where sales are brisk and you will confirm to yourself the appeal and the versatility of finish of hardwood floors.

Even if you will not be putting your house on the market anytime soon you will appreciate that hardwood floors are easy to clean and to maintain and that they promote a healthier indoor environment. Carpeting is a dirt and dust catcher no matter how often you vacuum and clean. Every foot step on carpeting catapults that dust into the air and eventually into your mouth, nose and lungs.

Engineered wood floors impart warmth, depth and richness to your home's decor that cannot be matched by carpeting, tile or vinyl flooring. With an expected life span of up to 100 years for certain premium hardwood flooring you are assured that that hardwood really is a one time investment with a very long term payoff. Remodel once. Enjoy forever.